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Good writing, smart talks, and strategic futures

Storytelling, SEO, Case Studies, Data Analysis, Video Scripts, Presentations, Foresight and Futures Literacy

About Me

I am a science writer, editor, and certified foresight practitioner. Based in the United States, I work with both American and international clients to generate scenarios for thriving in the midst of social and technological change.

Specialized topics include: the future of agriculture, space 3.0, the future of work and generative AI, and the future of aging, longevity, and health.

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My content is fact-checked, evidence-based, accessible, and original.

Types of content that I provide include blogs/SEO, white papers, newspaper articles, academic research, policy analyses, video scripts, and market reports.

Areas of expertise and writing experience include science communication, the future of work and technology, disruptive technologies, and environmental policy.

Public Speaking

Please consider me as a speaker for your next event. I have extensive experience speaking before community groups, corporations, and at events such as TEDx and Singularity New Zealand. My areas of focus include the future of work, the multigenerational workforce, and the political aspects of disruptive technologies.

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Strategic Foresight

I work with public and private organizations to develop future-oriented strategies to anticipate tech disruption, change, uncertainty, and the future of work.

Foresight tools used include horizon scanning, scenario analysis, qualitative analysis, and prospective futures assessment.

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